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    Sanduga.Flavour discovery

    Fusion Restaurant Sanduga is built on seasonal and local ingredients. Emphasis is placed on the taste-perfectly tuned dishes, first-class quality and freshness of ingredients, from which the culinary team tries to make the most. In Sanduga, fusion is an empathic combination of culinary traditions of modern Europe and Asia.

    SurpriseIs the part of the ritual

    Let us offer you something different than what you usually eat. We will listen to your wishes and provide a new experience with respect to your tastes. We use unique ingredients that you will not find anywhere else. Allow yourself small experiments.

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    Chef Lukáš Lacko

    Our head chef Lukáš Lacko gained experience in a number of fine dining restaurants in Prague. When he is not working, he studies the latest trends in gastronomy. He has a huge talent and a gift in discovering unusual combinations that create an absolutely perfect composition on a plate. He prioritizes plating, which will always enchant and surprise you with the dish’s taste. Lukáš puts his heart and soul into his work, listens to others, is willing to help whenever needed, and we are very happy to have him on the team.


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